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Lehigh Valley EAA Chapter 70 - Recreational Aviation at its Best!

The Lehigh Valley EAA Chapter 70 is for anybody interested in Aviation. All are welcome! Join the camaraderie of fellow members who share your interests. Enjoy our activities and friendly hangar flying while learning more about recreational aviation. We are interested in all aspects of aviation from Powered Parachutes, Ultralights, Experimental and Production Aircraft. We are people from all different ages and walks of life that range from just hanging around others who fly to ultralight and aircraft builders and pilots... more

Braden Airpark is in Jeopardy of Being Closed!

Help Keep Braden Airpark Open!  Keep our freedom to fly and help keep it affordable for the common man!  Show your support by coming to your airport for the many wonderful summer activities.

Want to keep your son or daughter busy?  Away from video games? Out of mischief?  

How about a free flight over Easton?  Children between the ages of 8 and 17 can get a free airplane ride on Sun, Oct 12, from 9 am to 1 pm, when accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Along with the nice view you can enjoy Lunch ($1 hot dogs) from 10 am to 1 pm ...more

Braden Airpark Activities: 

The B-17 is at Allentown Airport this week end.  May 16 and 17.

On both days rides will be given to those who have made reservation.  These rides are completed in the morning.  If you are interested in reserving a ride, go to B17.org or call 800-359-6217.  After the rides are finished, the B-17 is parked and people can walk through it on a ground tour for $10.  The ground tours begin around noon to 12:30 PM.  The B-17 is located at Hangar 10 at ABE.  To get there, follow Postal Road around the south side of the airport and turn toward Hayden Circle.  For more information you may call 484-541-3821. 


Young Eagle flight schedule for 2015:

May 24 at Pocono Mountain Airport (with breakfast and Aviation Day)

June 13 at Braden Airpark

August 16 at Braden Airpark

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